New Sensor Technology?

Here at TalaTrans we just recently read an article about how Intel and Honeywell are collaborating on some new technology. This specific technology could mean some big things in the world of logistics. You’re probably wondering what sort of groundbreaking technology this must be, well, it’s sensors. That’s right, sensors. What would make these so significant in the wide world of logistics, especially when sensors are not new? Well, it would allow companies to track what is happening to the products they are moving in real-time. However, it is not only tracking the location, but also able to track things like shock, temperature, vibration, tilt, humidity, pressure, and exposure to light. It could do so by using a mobile gateway that is then “transmitted via a cellular network to a cloud-based platform”.

Being able to collect data like this would be extremely helpful in most shipping cases to make sure all the products are delivered correctly. For instance, when TalaTrans Worldwide ships a compressor used for digital imaging, it must be handled with extreme care. It is not allowed to be exposed to light or moved around too harshly. This sensor would allow us to ensure it is delivered without damage. Not only is this for sensitive items like that but also great for food and beverage.  This type of technology can will be useful to many types of industries and we here at TalaTrans look forward to seeing more technologies like this.

What type of industries do you think could benefit most from this new sensor?

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