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What is Hand Carry?

Hand carry cargo refers to the transportation of goods that an individual carries with them on a commercial flight. It is an option often chosen for highly valuable or critical shipments that require immediate delivery. According to Shipping Solutions, an individual may choose Hand Carry for shipping higher-risk goods such as controlled items, high-value items (diamonds, precious metals), fragile items, personal items, emergency items, highly sensitive confidential material that cannot be sent electronically, cultural items, artwork, and memorabilia.

Here are some key features of hand carry cargo:

  • Security: Hand carry allows for maximum security, as an individual does not have to be concerned about the loss of his/her shipment. The individual is in physical control of the shipment in transit from the origin to the destination.


  • Flexibility: Hand carrying cargo offers maximum flexibility as the personal trip can be planned according to a specific schedule, permitting the shipment to be delivered to the intended recipient quickly.


  • Cost-Effective: Hand carry is often less expensive than using a dedicated courier or cargo transportation service, albeit risks are higher as the shipment is reliant on the dexterity and security of the individual transporting it.


  • Risk Management: Due to the risks associated with hand carry, best practices must be put in place to minimize the risks of loss or theft, including travel itinerary and protocols, packing guidelines, communication, insurance, and legal & regulatory compliance.

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