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What is Economy Air Cargo?

Economy air freight, also known as deferred or economy class air cargo, is a shipping option that offers cost-effective transportation of goods by air. It provides a slower transit time compared to priority or express air freight, but at a lower price point.


  • Cost Savings: Economy air freight is often chosen when cost is a primary consideration. By opting for economy class, shippers can save money on transportation expenses compared to faster shipping methods. It is a suitable option for non-urgent shipments or when cost efficiency is more important than speed.


  • Longer Transit Time: Economy air freight generally has a longer transit time compared to faster air freight options. While exact transit times can vary depending on the origin and destination, economy shipments typically take longer to reach their final destination. Shippers should consider the longer delivery timeframe when choosing this option.


  • Consolidation: To achieve cost savings, economy air freight often involves the consolidation of multiple shipments. Freight forwarders or logistics providers consolidate various clients’ shipments into a single shipment to utilize the aircraft’s capacity efficiently. This consolidation process may add some additional time to the overall transportation process.


  • Limited Service Options: Economy air freight typically offers limited service options compared to express or priority services. Additional services like time-definite delivery, special handling, or tracking visibility may be more limited or not included in the economy class. Shippers should consider whether these additional services are necessary for their shipments.


  • Size and Weight Restrictions: Economy air freight may have size and weight restrictions imposed by the airline or transportation provider. It is important to check the specific limitations and guidelines for economy shipments to ensure compliance.


  • Documentation and Customs Clearance: Similar to other air freight options, economy air freight requires proper documentation and customs clearance. Shippers need to provide accurate and complete shipping documents and comply with customs regulations to ensure a smooth clearance process.

It is essential to work with a reliable freight forwarder or logistics provider experienced in handling economy air freight to ensure proper handling, documentation, and coordination of the transportation process. They can provide guidance on the most suitable shipping options based on the specific requirements and constraints of the shipment.

Please note that the specific features and options of economy air freight may vary among different airlines, freight forwarders, and transportation providers. It is advisable to contact the relevant service providers to obtain detailed information on their specific economy air freight services.

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