Full Container Load (FCL)

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What is Full Container Load?

Full Container Load (FCL) refers to a type of sea freight shipment where the entire container is used by one shipper for their goods. In other words, FCL is a mode
of shipping where the cargo is exclusively loaded into a container that is sealed and shipped to the destination without mixing with other shipments.

The main advantages of FCL include:

  • Cost savings: FCL is generally more cost-effective than Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipping for larger shipments because the shipper pays a flat rate for the use of the entire container, regardless of the amount of cargo it holds.
  • Reduced risk of damage: Since FCL is an exclusive use container, there is a lower risk of damage than in LCL, where goods are mixed with those of other shippers. The risk of damage is further minimized if the freight is appropriately packaged and secured.
  • Greater security and confidentiality: With FCL, the goods are sealed and kept safe throughout the transportation process, thereby providing greater security and confidentiality compared to LCL shipping[3].
  • Faster transit times: FCL shipments generally have faster transit times than LCL, as the shipment does not require consolidation or deconsolidation at the port, which can take longer.
  • More control over the shipment: Since the entire container is used by one shipper, there is more control over the shipment, including the loading and unloading times, container selection, and placement of goods within the container.
  • Flexible shipping options: FCL shipments can be arranged to ship from door-to-door, port-to-port, or a combination of those options, depending on the needs of the shipper.

In summary, FCL is a mode of shipping that offers several advantages, including cost savings, reduced risk of damage, greater security and confidentiality, faster transit times, more control over the shipment, and flexible shipping options.


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