Maximize Efficiency and Streamline your Full Truckload Freight Shipping

What is Full Truck Load?

Full truckload (FTL) refers to a shipping mode where a dedicated truck carries one shipment. FTL is also known as a truckload or TL shipment, wherein the entire capacity of the truck is utilized to transport the goods from a single shipper. This type of shipment is different from less than a truckload (LTL), where multiple shipments from different shippers are consolidated into one truck.

FTL shipments are ideal for businesses that require large quantities of goods to be transported from one location to another, as it is generally more cost-   effective and faster than LTL shipments. Additionally, FTL gives shippers more control over the shipment, as the truck travels directly from the shipper’s   warehouse to the destination. FTL can be utilized by any industry, from raw materials to finished products.

Some common equipment for FTL includes flatbeds, dry vans, temperature-controlled trucks, heavy haulers, and specialized freight. Additionally, FTL       services can be customized to meet specific shipping requirements.

Overall, FTL is a reliable and efficient shipping mode that offers shippers greater flexibility, control, and speed when transporting large quantities of goods.

When to use Full Truck Load?

As we have already mentioned, the FTL method is used when the cargo occupies the volume of the entire truck.
Although it is possible to ship small loads, it is more advisable, if possible, to fill the truck with your own cargo, which will reduce costs and minimize risks and time.
It is a very good option for the shipment of fragile or sensitive products, as the amount of third-party cargo is reduced, the risk is lower.
It is also advisable to use FTL if delivery times are tighter, as it is a faster and more accurate method.

Advantages of Full Truck Load:

  • By using the full load of a truck, the goods are less likely to be damaged or broken as there is no handling of any kind. Also, by only having one point of origin and one point of destination, the goods are much more likely to retain their quality.
  • When a single storage space is used to transport your products, delivery times benefit, as there is only one route and fewer points of disembarkation along the way.
  • If your company sells large or fragile products, FTL transport can ensure the safety of your goods.

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