Pandemic Crisis: Driver scarcity and rising demand of truckloads

As many of us know, one of the dire consequences of this pandemic, which has shaken the entire world, was the shortage of qualified drivers in 2020, a situation that is bringing havoc to our affairs, the logistics business. Each one of the modes of transportation has been affected, but clearly one of the most impacted ones is LTL service with a lack of drivers that continues to delay the processes of medium and small companies that use it to move their goods cost-effectively.

Even with the good news we had a couple of months ago, that the industry was improving its conditions, this two-month period made it clear to us that the trouble is going to linger a little longer.

Nowadays, big transport companies such as FedEx, are taking extreme measures, such as limiting service only to certain customers and locations with the purpose of offering more timely deliveries, leaving aside many service areas to improve network fluidity and reduce some operating costs in their service centers. This, logically, is not good news for many of us.

To keep your trust in us, we continue to look for options that will reduce issues with your loads as much as possible. One of those options is our partial truckload service, which will give you great improvements compared to LTL, being conscious of the above information, a semi-dedicated service, and faster and safer delivery of your goods.

While it is true that there is a shortage of drivers and vessel mishaps generating thousands of losses and what seems like infinite port congestion, not everything is lost. Our team continues to find clever solutions that go beyond all this. Trust that there will always be a solution as long as we keep working as a team. Together, we can overcome any issues one at a time and get back the stability we desire in our industry.

Count on us if you need any help with any of your domestic freight and we assure you we will work hard to give you the best results!


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