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20 to 21 days depending on weather conditions.

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Yes, with the exception of Cuba, Venezuela or Countries at War.

No, everything is subcontracted. But we have reliable suppliers and competitive rates in the market.

Yes, being a forwarder allows us to have a wide portfolio of commercial partners (customs brokerage).

Most Common Reasons for Extra Charges on LTL Shipments:

Re-weigh Fee:  If the weight of your shipment is found to be more than what was booked, you will be charged the rate at the higher weight.  If your shipment weighs less, you will be charged the rate at the lower weight.

Re-classification Fees:  If a freight carrier has quoted a shipment based on a Freight class/NMFC#, and the actual class is different for the items being shipped, a re-class adjustment can be applied.  Please make sure to use our Estimate Class button when quoting.

Re-consignment Fees:  A re-consignment fee may be assessed when the freight is rerouted in transit orwhen the shipper did not use the provided Bill of Lading

Oversize/Overlength Fee:  Typically applies to shipments exceeding 8 feet in length. If the dimensions are factored into the quote in advance, this fee can be avoided.

Lift-gate:  Lift-gate trucks are required for freight where the pick up or drop off location does not have an accessible dock to move the shipment directly off the truck.  Keep in mind that lift-gate service could affect the estimated transit time.

Residential Pickup/Delivery:  Can apply to pick up or drop off locations that are not businesses. This can include businesses that are not visibly labeled to the public. To avoid this adjustment to a business, make sure the business name is accurately listed on the bill of lading.

Limited Access:  An adjustment may be applied if the pick up or drop off location has limited access.  Limited access locations include camps, churches/temples, educational facilities, construction sites, fairs and carnivals, storage units, military bases, mine sites, some government facilities, schools, businesses located outside city limits, rural locations and farms. Limited access may also include commercial businesses not open to the walk-in public or where an employee is not available to assist with loading or unloading.

Bill of Lading(BOL):  Changes to the BOL, including changes to the shipper address, consignee address, piece count, weight and freight call can result in adjustments if a carrier has based the freight quote on any of the provided information.

Freight classification is determined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (NMFTA) Total shipment density, stowability, liability, and handling all factor into determining the correct freight class. We have also added a handy Estimate Class button on the quoting page to estimate your freight class using your piece weight and dimensions. If you have any further questions please contact us.

Transit times listed online are always in terms of business days and do not include the day of pickup, weekends, or holidays.  For example, if you are selecting a 3 day transit and the freight picks up on a Wednesday, estimate delivery would be the following Monday. Thursday, Friday, & Monday count as days 1, 2, & 3.

It is your responsibility to send the TMS generated BOL to your shipper prior to pickup.  It is the responsibility of the shipper at the pickup location to hand the BOL to the truck driver when he/she arrives.  This process will help avoid any re-consignment charges.

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