What is Air Freight?

Air freight
can be defined as products and goods (cargo) that are shipped by aircraft.

Options for modes of air freight include passenger aircraft, the cargo hold of a passenger aircraft or a commercial cargo aircraft. Air freight transportation begins at the airline terminal, where the air freight company you’ve selected receives the cargo.

Commercial cargo is a separate service from passenger airline cargo, where the entire plane is a cargo hold—essentially, a giant flying container. Typically, commercial cargo includes large palletized cargo, boxes, coffins/human remains, vehicles, machinery and sometimes animals.

How long does air freight transportation take?


Air freight transportation time depends on your location and the destination of your goods. It’s possible for cross-country air freight to arrive at a destination within six to seven hours for critical services, while international shipping may take just a bit longer. Keep in mind that this is just for the air transportation—goods will also need to be transported to the aircraft and to the destination once the aircraft has landed. While air freight is the fastest way to export goods, in cases of disruptions and shutdowns, goods may take up to a week or longer to arrive at their destination.

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